We all talk about climate change, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, being carbon neutral or now a new term- carbon negative. But for any change positive or negative, we need the common man, the general population, the mindset of the masses to change. Over the years with villages, countryside and the farming community becoming smaller in number, and more people migrating to the cities for better opportunities, we are disconnecting with the environment on multiple levels.

And now there are many like me- the city dwellers, who haven’t grown something from the seed, for a simple reason – they never felt the need for it. Hence, this project- to able to create awareness to grow something, to propagate the idea of plant propagation. Let’s not forget the simple things in life, seeing a flower bloom, getting excited about surviving a dying plant, and creating plant siblings to share with friends or a total stranger – giving a reason to be happy.

And once you start seeing the beauty in the natural world, do you think you won’t care about the mother nature, every small step you take you will give a thought about nature, ideas will convert to actions, and that will build the planet.

Taking advantage of the cafe culture, let’s get the young talking about nature and plants and be more eco-aware so we won’t hurt the climate. A plant swap location easily accessible and happening and help local businesses to bring in more ‘real-green’ not just for aura but for a more significant cause.

Available plants to swap at Kimchi Project

A voluntary plant swap initiative for plant enthusiasts that helps support local businesses.


A simple idea to enable people to swap their plants easily. A little something for plant enthusiast for free!.


Because simple and true things in life are for free.

Ever wandered in cafe/restaurant and looking to at a cute plant, made a mental note- time to go to plant barn but never find one- either time or the plant-specie.

Ever wondered if you could just exchange that cute lil’ plant with the one of the surplus saplings you have at home?

Ponder no more, this is exactly what it is.


Just bring in your well-rooted pest-free plant/sapling similar in size/type to the one you want to exchange on your next visit, scan the QR code, upload your plant pic and take home your favourite from the cafe.

What else?

Nothing. If you want to help, feel free to get in touch OR if you like my initiative, please donate to the cause.