Manchal Wedding return favours

If this is your first terrarium/ plant pot. Congratulations, and welcome to the plant world. Good wishes from the succulent family.

Points to note:

  1. You can choose to keep the terrarium open or closed.
  2. You can water the plant once every month. Very less- 10-20 ml only as they do not have an drainage hole for decoration purposes.
  3. These succulents are Echeveria Elegans– and they can withstand dryness but not over-watering so please forget to water these plant. Only water once a month.
  4. In case of any issues, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

A little more about them- Echeveria Elegans

(Excerpt taken from ‘Succulents for the contemporary garden’ – Yvonne Cave)

Echeverias come from Mexico and surrounding countries and have be come come of the most sought after of the succulents.

All echevarias can stand very cold temperatures if the potting mix or ground is dry and there is no moisture on the leaves, but they don’t like constant rain on their leaves with cold conditions and this causes rot and leaf drop. As for other succulents, the soil mix should be free draining.

They are attractive in glasshouse collections and often used in container plants or in sheltered spots outdoors, and massed plantings are very eye-catching. Areas where morning sunlight reaches echeveria plants, with afternoon shade to follow, seem to bring out the texture and colouring of the leaves.

One of the most useful echeverias in the garden as it is clump forming, and will quickly spread completely over an area if desired. The pale blue-grey leaves are thick, rounded with a small terminal point, and packed in the rosette tightly; when stressed an attractive pink colouring is formed in some of the older leaves. Numerous pink stems about 30 cm high produce pink and yellow flowers.

A little behind the scenes